# 300 at the end of August 1958

On August 29, two weeks before the launch, the construction of the ss Rotterdam was far advanced. The first picture shows the forward deck that is almost ready. Behind it the construction of the superstructure can be seen up to the Sundeck. The spare anchor is already on its place. In front of the bow the platform is being constructed where Queen Juliana will christen and launch the ship on September 13 1958.

The second picture shows the temporarily covered Promenadedeck, were the teak deck is being laid around the outside swimming pool. On the Upper-Promenadedeck men can be seen around the shaft to the engine room, situated next to the Ritz Carlton lounge.

Royal trials

During the official trials on August 20 1959 Queen Juliana hoisted the flag of the Holland America Line on the ss Rotterdam. With this symbolic act the ss Rotterdam was handed over by the Rotterdam Drydock Company to Holland America Line. With courtesy of Holland America Line the halyard is still on board, near the spot on the first class sports deck where the Queen hoisted the houseflag .

10 years ago the ss Rotterdam came home

On August 4 it is 10 years ago that the ss Rotterdam came back to her birthplace. She came from Wilhelmshaven where the ship was renovated during two years. Even so it took 18 months before the renovation was finished in Rotterdam. Picture: Klaas Krijnen

# 300 in July 1958

At the end of July 1958 the superstructure was ready up to the level of the Sundeck. The anchor machinery is being placed and the breakwater is ready. Work is being done on the top of the shafts to the two forward holds.

The second picture shows the temporarily roof over the Promenadedeck, to prepare for the laying of the teak deck on what is now the Lidodeck. The aft end of the Upper-Promenadedeck, Boatdeck and Sundeck can clearly be seen.

Enrichment engine room tour

This week our volunteers installed three screens with pictures near the steering machine. The pictures show the bridge, the steering machine, propellors, rudder and kitchen. Because the exposition room has been used as tailor’s shop, a picture has been added of the tailors at work. The screens were sponsored by WestCord Hotels. The pictures can be seen at the end of the engine room tour from Wednesday till Sunday. The pictures on the screens were made bij Nelson Arnstein, Hans Hoffmann and Klaas Krijnen.

Pictures by Klaas Krijnen


# 300 in June 1958

At the end of June 1958 the front of the superstructure of the ship has grown till Boatdek. In the grooves in the front of Promenadedeck the derricks will be placed.

The second picture shows the back of the ship. The tub of the swimming pool is clearly visible on Promenadedeck. The shed on Boatdeck is situated on the balcony of the future Ritz Carlton.