Steamship Rotterdam Foundation

The foundation’s aims are since 2001:

  • to promote the return of ss Rotterdam to the Netherlands and an exploitation which is both durable and in accordance with the ship’s cultural-historical value
  • to promote the coöperation between all possible participants who contribute to the preservation of the ship
  • to develop and carry out a vision for the numerous possibilities to use the ship
  • to document the cultural-historical and industrial value of the ship

Picture Jan-Willem Koene

The initiative for setting up the Foundation comes from a group of concerned admirers of the ship who could not bear to see the cutting torches of the scrapper putting an end to this extraordinary and still useful work of art. With the scrapping of the ROTTERDAM, an irreplaceable part of the Netherlands’ maritime, industrial and cultural heritage would be lost forever!
It is not the intention of the Foundation to staff or operate the ship. We will leave that to others with greater knowledge.

Our aim is to promote and execute activities to ensure a durable preservation of the ship.

The ss Rotterdam at the quay on October 11 2015  Picture Klaas Krijnen

As stated earlier, the primary aim of the Foundation is reachedhas been achieved but our involvement with the project continues, primarily as an “interest group”, in helping to develop a lasting operation that will do right by the historic and cultural value of the ship. The foundation acts as an advisor to the new owner in all sorts of ways. We also bring the owner into contact with former crew members and others who, with their fund of knowledge, are prepared to assist with the preservation of the ship. In addition, the Foundation will continue to promote the ship by means of publications, expositions, lectures and so on.

On our way to a monumental status

Since her start in 2001 the Steamship Rotterdam Foundation is zealous for some of a monumental status for the s.s. Rotterdam. The first success was reached in March 2003 when the Cultural Advice Counsel gave a favourable advice on the s.s. Rotterdam to the secretary of state. At the end of 2003 the s.s.Rotterdam BV ordered a profound investigation on the value of the ship for the maritime and cultural heritage. In September 2004 the investigation committee reported favourably on the ship. The report was presented to the City of Rotterdam and to the Cultural Advice Counsel.

Enthusiastic volunteers

Weekly a group of volunteers is active on board to restore historic artefacts and to take protective measures around artworks.

The board of our foundation:

Klaas Krijnen, chairman

Reinier Paping, secretary-treasurer

Koos Sanderse, co-ordinator of our volunteers

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