Bridge Deck

Sky Room
Design: Mutero NV Interieurarchitecten, Rotterdam
Execution: NV Nederlandse Aanneming Mij, v.h. Firma H.F. Boersma, Den Haag
Architect: J. Schuil

skyroom-moschThe Skyroom during the sixties.  Picture Harry Mosch, courtesy Mrs. Thea Mosch-Luckerath

The Sky Room is the highest-placed public room on the ship and was originally assigned to first class passengers. The room is connected to the lower decks by two elevators and a secondary stairway. Broad window-walls fore and aft give sweeping views of the first class sports deck forward and an open promenade aft.

The Skyroom in 1996.  Picture Klaas Krijnen

A portion of the walls are paneled with deal (pine) strips, the remainder being covered with Vynide, the trade name for a synthetic material developed by ICI. The original rattan chairs were replaced by arm chairs upholstered with old-rose material. The dance floor was renovated in 1989. The wall decoration “Het Zonneschip” (The Sun Ship) was crafted by Rotterdam artist W. J. Akkermans.

The original wall panelling has not been replaced  Picture Klaas Krijnen (1996)