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ss Rotterdam: De thriller van de terugkeer

(“ss Rotterdam: The thriller of the return”)

ss Rotterdam De Thriller van de terugkeer (ssRotterdam, The Thriller of the return), written by Herman Moscoviter (207 pages, with pictures, only dutch text). Bookshop price is € 22,50. Buy at the bookshop. Available in de Lynbaanshop  on board for € 9,95.

Captain's Dinner

The cookery-book ‘Captain’s Dinner, koken met de Holland Amerika Lijn’ has been released bij Scriptum Publishers (ISBN 978 90 5594 816 1). It’s a unique book about cooking on board ships of Holland America Line.
It’s for sale at the bookshops and on board in the Lynbaanshop for € 19,90 (Dutch text only).

Stoomschip Rotterdam 1955 - 2005

The book “Stoomschip Rotterdam 1955- 2005” gives a splendid photographic report on the building and the life of the steamship Rotterdam . Pictures of many well known photographers like Daniël van de Ven, Ed van der Elsken, Harry Mosch and Joop Reyngoud are used in this book. In English and Dutch.

Copies can be obtained in the bookshops (ISBN 90-72971-81-07). Publisher Duo Duo: fax 0031104778529, website, e-mail

ss Rotterdam of 1959

In this richly illustrated picture book the well-known American maritime publicist Bill Miller and the Portuguese photographer and publicist Luis Miguel Correia show the history of the s.s. Rotterdam until 1997.

Publisher Liner Books, Lisbon. ISBN 972-96940-4-4. At the antiquarian bookshop.

D.S.S. Rotterdam Holland Amerika Lijn

Extra edition of the periodical Schip & Werf about ship building, navigation and port business. This edition of 1959 contains a wide description of the technique and interior of the ship. With 3 unfold drawings. Two versions were made: with and without advertisements. Dutch text only.

Published by Wyt en Zonen N.V. Rotterdam. At the antiquarian bookshop.

Grande Dame: Holland America Line and the s.s. Rotterdam

The British naval architect Stephen M. Payne tells the story of the HAL, the carnival Cruise Corporation and of the s.s. Rotterdam V.

Publisher Rina Ltd, London. At the antiquarian bookshop and at

Onze mooiste koopvaardijschepen Deel 4 Passagiersschepen (II) 1945-1970

(Our most beautiful merchant ships, Part 4, Passenger liners (II) 1945-1970)

Arne Zuidhoek describes the s.s. Rotterdam in a chapter of 43 pages. Dutch text only.

Publisher De Alk, Alkmaar. ISBN 90 6013 009 X. At the antiquarian bookshop.

Op reis met de Rotterdam Welcome on board. Revised edition of the book that was first published in 2008. Updated with recent information and pictures. Duch and English text. Published by Scriptum (ISBN 9 789463 192033). For sale in the Lynbaanshop on the ss Rotterdam and in bookshops. Price: €12,50.

De Rotterdam voor altijd thuis

(“The Rotterdam home forever”)

In this book Bram Oosterwijk tells the story of the s.s. Rotterdam (1959) until her opening on February 15th, 2010. Counting 190 pages the book contains lots of colour pictures and a thorough report on her odyssey until renovation. Dutch text only.

Published by Coolegem Media (ISBN 978-90-75-352-51-1), price € 19,95. For sale at the bookshops and at Coolegem Media, PO 30166, 3001 DD, Rotterdam. 0031102052233,

De Rotterdam. Boegbeeld van de vooruitgang

(“The Rotterdam. Figure-head of progress”)

In cooperation with Fotomuseum Rotterdam, NAi-Publishers in Rotterdam published a book in connection with a photo-exhibition. Price € 34,50 (ISBN 90 5662 4911, only Dutch text).

Kings of swing

A rich collection of sphere music can be found on the double cd Yvonne Keeley has composed for the ss Rotterdam. It can be bought on the ss Rotterdam in the Lynbaanshop for € 9,95.

s.s. Rotterdam papermodel

Scaldis produced a full hull / waterline model cut-out card kit, scale 1 : 250 of the s.s. Rotterdam. It’s an impressive 50 pages book of 24,5 to 34 cm with much details. The s.s. Rotterdam can be build with a grey hull (1959 till 1973 + 2006 till now) and with a blue hull (1973 till 1997). It is the first model of a Dutch liner that can be build as a full hull and waterline-model.

For more information:

s.s. Rotterdam Een beknopte scheepsbiografie

Walburg Pers published the book ‘ss Rotterdam Een beknopte scheepsbiografie’ (‘ss Rotterdam A concise ships biography’), written by Nico and Arnout Guns. They describe the ship  from design to the rescue from scrap.

(ISBN 90.5730.397.3) of via voor € 19,95

A second edition has been published in 2015, with an extra chapter describing the refurbishment and present state. € 24,95

ss Rotterdam A world-class heritage. A comprehensive story of the succesful ss Rotterdam V of 1959. Written by Arnout and Nico Guns and published by Gbooksinternational. Copies can be obtained at

Bouwnummer 300 s.s. Rotterdam

Published at the event of inauguration of the s.s. Rotterdam in 1959. The journalist F. den Houter describes the process of building the ship. He added many background stories that illustrate how special this liner is. Dutch text only.

Publisher C. de Boer jr., Hilversum. At the antiquarian bookshop.

De 300: dertig verhalen over de Rotterdam

(“De 300: thirty stories about the Rotterdam “)

A release from De Rotterdam B.V., available in the Lynbaanshop on board for € 5 (dutch text only)

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-815113-1-5

"A small book about a big schip"

Aa concise description of the Rotterdam. Many pictures to compare then and now.
The book with 64 pages can be obtained for € 4,95 at the Rotterdam and at Scriptum Publishers, P.O. 293, 3100 AG Schiedam The Netherlands; ISBN 978 90
5594 690 7. An English version will be published shortly.

De Rotterdam. De kunst van het reizen (2e druk)

(“The Rotterdam. The art of travelling”)

The author Sandra van Berkum shows how the former flagship of the Holland America Line looked when she was new and what is left of it on board. The book of more than 220 pages contains anecdotes of artists and former crew, stories about old-Dutch factories and reports of passengers. Many pictures of the famous Dutch photographer Daniel van de Ven show how life was on board the s.s. Rotterdam. In between models dance, stroll and dine on pictures of Harry Mosch. That’s the way you experience the art of travelling.

The book with Dutch text only is for sale in Dutch bookshops and at Scriptum Publishers, P.O 293, 3100 AG Schiedam The Netherlands,

ISBN: 90 5594 407 6

Zes maal Rotterdam (Six times Rotterdam)

In this book of 1998 Bram Oosterwijk tells the stories of six HAL-liners bearing the name Rotterdam. Dutch text only.

Publisher Van Soeren & Co, Amsterdam. ISBN 90 6881 080 4. At the antiquarian bookshop.