Cock and Fish have been restorated

Our volunteers have restorated the artworks Cock and Fish, made by the artist Dick ten Hoedt in 1959 for the grillroom tourist class. About 1980 captain Hans Mateboer saved both artworks from scrap when the grillroom was redecorated. Cock and Fish have a new home in our museum on C deck.

Pictures by Klaas Krijnen


Original lamp back on the ss Rotterdam

In 1968 the Café de la Paix on Promenade deck has been transformed to the Lido-restaurant. In 1986 the interior has been replaced and the lamps were discarded. Fortunately one of them became part of the collection of Brian Porter, staff-member of Holland America Line. This spring he donated the lamp to our foundation. His former colleague Hans Brinkhoff took care of the lamp and Holland America Line in Seattle provided for transport to The Netherlands. Thanks to the cooperation and a donation of Scan Global Logistics the lamp arrived safely on the ss Rotterdam. It will get a nice place in our museum on board the ss Rotterdam.

The Lido restaurant on November 20, 1971 (picture Kenneth W. Smith)

The Lido-Grill restaurant on April 19, 2023 with the original lamp (picture Klaas Krijnen)

Hans Brinkhoff with the lamp (picture Klaas Krijnen)

Dancing floor in the Ambassador lounge has been restorated

Commissioned by the ss Rotterdam Saar Berks has restorated the dancing floor in the Ambassador lounge. The floor has been used intensively during the last 13 years, so a restoration was urgent. Master parquet-worker Saar Berks has skilfully accomplished the job.

Picture by Jan van Pijkeren

Picture by Maarten Krijnen

Productive volunteers

During the last months of this year our team of volunteers has been very productive. The ropes of the derricks have been improved, the inventory of the original drawings is work in progress, the Christmas star has been prepared for placing between the smoke stacks and we are building a new museum room on C deck aft.