At anchor

Especially during cruises the ss Rotterdam had to anchor off the harbour. Because of that the anchor gear was a very important provision on board. Our volunteer Jan van Pijkeren produced a documentary film of the manufactoring and use of the anchor gear. Pleas visit our webpage At anchor

At anchor on the roads of Grand Cayman, December 31, 1994 (picture made by Klaas Krijnen)

20 years Friends of steamship Rotterdam

Today, May 4 2021, it is 20 years ago that the Steamship Rotterdam Foundation was founded to save the ss Rotterdam from scrap. Five volunteers started a campaign to make everybody aware of the valuable ss Rotterdam as maritime, cultural and technical heritage. Since the bankruptcy of Premier Cruises in September 2000, who operated the ship as ss Rembrandt since 1997, the ss Rotterdam was laid up in Freeport Bahama’s, with the serious risk of scrapping. After many ups and downs and a long lasting refurbishment by housing company Woonbron the ship returned to Rotterdam in August 2008. Our foundation is co-operating with the present owner WestCord Hotels to secure a sustainable operation of the maritime, cultural and technical heritage.

The ss Rotterdam as ss Rembrandt in Freeport Bahama’s from September 2000 till June 2004 (picture Klaas Krijnen)

2001     2021

The ss Rotterdam as she lays in the Maashaven in Rotterdam since August 2008 (picture Jan-Willem Koene)

Maintenance on the ss Rotterdam

Due to the corona measures there is time to do a lot of maintenance on interior and decks of the ss Rotterdam. Deckhouses have been cleaned, decks have been hogged and railing is being varnished. The ss Rotterdam invites you for the coming season (pictures taken by Klaas Krijnen).