New museum in former linen storage

Our volunteers have been building and decorating a new museum in the former linen storage on C deck. Guests who visit the guided tour through the engineroom can visit the new museum fairly soon.

Several original uniforms are shown as well a many other materials from the past that have ben donated to us.

Former HAL-employee Brian Porter donated to us an original lamp from the Lido-restaurant on Promenade deck as it was between 1968 and 1986. Our volunteers have rebuilt the furniture after the original and adapted the electricity to the Dutch system.

50 years ago the ss Rotterdam has got a blue hull

During drydocking in October 1973 in Lisbon the color of the hull of the ss Rotterdam has been changed from grey to blue. After sailing with a grey hull during 14 years the blue hull lasted from 1973 until 2006.

The removal of the grey paint by hand caused a lot of noise (picture by Roel Valbracht)

The ship in minium (picture by Roel Valbracht)

In drydock next to the river Tagus (picture by Joep Fluitsma)

The ss Rotterdam in service with a blue hull (picture by Roel Valbracht)

ss Rotterdam launched 65 years ago

On September 13 1958 the ss Rotterdam was launched by Queen Juliana at the Rotterdam Drydock Company. The keel was laid at December 14 1956 and the maiden voyage to New York started on September 3 1959. The ss Rotterdam still is the biggest passenger liner ever that has been built in the Netherlands.

Picture taken by Mr. J. Wijdenes

The bell of the Meerpaal is back on the ss Rotterdam

The officers bar on Sun deck was called the Meerpaal. In 1997 the bell of the bar was taken to the new Rotterdam VI. When that ship was sold to Fred Olsen Cruise Lines the bell was taken to the new Rotterdam VII. Captain Bas van Dreumel of the Rotterdam VII decided that the bell should be brought back to the Rotterdam V. His second officer Wessel Brinkman handed the bell over to the chairman of the Friends of steamship Rotterdam. The Friends will give the bel a special place near the former Meerpaal on Sun deck.

Wessel Brinkman and chairman Klaas Krijnen with the bell of the Meerpaal (picture Harry Hobma)

Officers bar the Meerpaal with the bell until 1997 (picture collection Roel Valbracht)


The ss Rotterdam 15 years at home

On August 4 2008 the ss Rotterdam arrived in her homeport after a long period of uncertainty and refurbishment. At  the end of the day she was moored in the Maashaven.

Exhibition 150 years HAL

Holland America Line celebrates 150 years. In co-orperation with Holland America Line and WestCordHotels/ss Rotterdam the Society De Lijn organizes an exhibition in the Odyssee room on B deck. In one of the showcases our foundation exhibits historical materials of the ss Rotterdam, flagship of Holland America Line for 38 years. The exhibition can be visited daily from 10 AM till 5 PM as from July 30 till August 13 (free entrance).