Volunteers at work on the ss Rotterdam

Our volunteers have made themselves useful again. The Christmas star that traditionally decorates the smokestacks has been repared, als well as one of the handles of the starboard telegraph on the bridge that has been demolished by a visitor. In our museum on Bridge deck a box has been installed with music of the sixties.

Red Alert on the ss Rotterdam

The ss Rotterdam takes part in the Red Alert campaign, to make clear that event locations suffer under the deminishing number of bookings as a consequence of the Covid-19 measures. Event organizers should visit event locations to experience the range of posibilities. Because of the campaign the ss Rotterdam coloured red. Picture made by Chris Vercammen.

A survey of the Aegean Sea

An extensive survey is being done on the mural Aegean Sea in the Grand Ballroom on the ss Rotterdam. The artist Cuno van den Steene created the mural in 1959. After a restoration in 2007 several damages were caused by the use of the Grand Ballroom through the years. In January 2020 students of the trainings-course Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage of the University of Amsterdam concluded after a quick survey that further investigation was badly needed. Our foundation took the initiative to start a thorough investigation by Willianne van der Sar of Color & Conservation . Together with students of the university she prepares a report that must make clear what has to be done to restorate the mural. The survey is possible thanks to a donation of Stichting De Ziekenfondsbode.

Pictures made by Klaas Krijnen

Flagship store ss Rotterdam

The ss Rotterdam by WestCord Hotels has opened a temporarily Flagship store in the Beurs traverse in Rotterdam. It is meant to attract visitors. The store is open daily.

Pictures made by Klaas Krijnen