The Friends of steamship Rotterdam reconstructed the artwork in the Tropic bar. Our volunteer Jan Fahner is a real craftsman and has rebuilt the complete artwork. PPG Industries supported him free by analyzing the colors and by coating the doors of the closets. We are very grateful to PPG Industries for their support.

Jan Fahner with his masterpiece (picture Maarten Krijnen)
Fortunately the framework of the artwork was still in place (picture Klaas Krijnen)
The back of the rebuilt artwork in the original framework (picture Koos Sanderse)
One of the two ‘eyes’ at the back of the artwork (picture Maarten Krijnen)
One of the two ‘eyes’ on the front (picture Maarten Krijnen)
The two ‘eyes’ are mounted (picture Koos Sanderse)
The front of the artwork, still without doors (picture Koos Sandere)
Volunteers at work (picture Maarten Krijnen)
The wonderful result (picture Maarten Krijnen)
View from the bar (picture Maarten Krijnen)

The Tropic bar has been designed by the architect Carel Wirtz and was constructed by Eckhart’s Meubelfabriek. Long ago Holland America Line replaced the artwork by a bottle-rack. We are proud to contribute to the authenticity of the ss Rotterdam by reconstructing the artwork.