Our volunteers have reached a very satisfying result in restoring the mural artwork in the Queens Lounge. The Queens Lounge of 1959 has been designed by H.P. Mutters Jr. The wooden artwork was made of aspen, with an inlay of several species of wood depicting Fishermen’s Nets. During the renovation in 2009 a fire slackening layer derogated the appearance of the artwork. Our foundation took the initiative to restore the artwork, with the professional advice of the restorators Miko Vasques Dias and Elise Andersson.

The artwork Fishermen’s Nets during restoration showing the first results (picture Koos Sanderse)

The professional restorators Miko Vasques Dias and Elise Andersson showing the result of their experimental restoration (picture Klaas Krijnen)

Our team: Koos Sanderse, Henk Salij, Jan Tjassens Keiser and Ton Lenselink (picture Klaas Krijnen)

Our volunteer Jan Tjassens Keiser removes the old fire slackening layer (foto Koos Sanderse)

Our volunteers at work (picture Henk Salij)

The restoration between whiles (picture Henk Salij)