Our volunteers took care of some new items on the ss Rotterdam:

A fine model of the ss Nieuw Amsterdam (1938) has been restored by one of our volunteers. The model comes from the inheritance of Mrs. Rita Brassart (USA). The poster above has been donated by one of our contributors. It can all be found in our museum on C-deck. Picture Klaas Krijnen

A replica of the bronze plaquette of the Rotterdam Drydock Company has been mounted above the main maneuvering panel in the engine room. Picture Koos Sanderse

A flashlight has been mounted on its original place on the Bridge. Picture Klaas Krijnen

A boatswain’s whistle has been placed in the speaking tube to the captain’s cabin. Picture Klaas Krijnen

A vintage hometrainer was donated to us by one of our contributors. It has found a place in the inside swimming pool. Picture Klaas Krijnen