On September 23 Philip Hilgersom brought back a special showcase to the ss Rotterdam. It contents the halyard that Queen Juliana used when hoisting the houseflag of Holland America Line (HAL) during the official tryals on August 20 1959. The hoisting of the houseflag symbolized the transfer of the ss Rotterdam by the Rotterdam Drydock Company (RDM) to the HAL. It was the start of a glorious career as the flagship of the HAL, ending on September 30 1997 when the ship was decommissioned by the HAL. Captain Albert Schoonderbeek, who was at that time Staff Officer on he ship, took care that the showcase was brought to the HAL headquarters in Seattle. Philip Hilgersom has been an employee of the HAL during many years. Thanks to his efforts HAL has given the showcase with the halyard on loan to our foundation. We are very grateful to the HAL and Philip for bringing back this historical artefact to the ss Rotterdam. Our volunteers will prepare the showcase with its contents for replacement on the original spot. Unless mentioned otherwise, the pictures were made by Jan-Willem Koene.

The showcase with the halyard has been mounted on its original place on Bridgedeck (Picture Klaas Krijnen)

Philip Hilgersoms hands over the showcase with the halyard to Klaas Krijnen, chairman of the Friends of steamship Rotterdam. The red dot on the sportdeck marks the spot where Queen Juliana was standing when she hoisted the company flag of Holland America Line on August 20 1959.