On Wednesday May 27 one of the three airscoops has been replaced on the forecastle of the ss Rotterdam. When build three airscoops were placed to provide fresh air in the boatswains store and engine room for the capstans and anchor winches. Rough weather at sea proved that the airscoops also provided a lot of sea water to the deck below. Because of that the three airscoops were removed and the stacks of the airscoops were closed. Our foundation searched for airscoops and was generously helped by entrepreneurs of Interdam Projects B.V. and crane-company De Gier Rotterdam B.V. to place the first air scoop into position. Shiprepair J.A. Balck B.V. provided a second airscoop that has to be adapted and painted before being put into position. We keep searching for the third airscoop.

Foto Jan-Willem Koene