On May 28 1958 the construction of # 300 has progressed. The first picture shows the front of the Promenadedeck. The bollards are in place and the construction for the anchor chains has been started. The front of the deck house on the Promenadedeck has been placed and the Upper-Promenadedeck is under construction. The balcony of the theatre can already be seen.

The second picture shows the aft end of the Promenadedeck. It seems that the end of the deck is not at the length as when the ship was delivered. In the rectangular hole in the deck the stairs to the Lower-Promenadedeck will be placed. In the big hole behind it, the outside swimming pool will be built. The other hole is the shaft to the laundry on C-deck and the refregerating hold on D-deck. The front of the deck house is the present Lido restaurant. Above this deck, the Upper-Promenadedek is under construction.