Support our initiative!

Will you help us reach our aim? We would gladly welcome your financial assistance but we also welcome your deeds. We can certainly use any type of support! If you would like to become a supporter to the Steamship Rotterdam Foundation, you may transfer a donation of € 30,- (if abroad) to the account number listed below. This donation is valid including 2017. Of course, larger donations are also gladly accepted! We request a minimum donation of € 50.00 from corporate sponsors.

If you make your payment electronically, we ask that you please provide us with your complete address so that we may keep you updated on our activities. Contributers receive a newsletter for which you can subscribe with the button in the yellow ribbon on or homepage.

Stichting behoud stoomschip Rotterdam
Zandvoortselaan 184
2106 AP Heemstede   The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 235 247 269

account: IBAN NL28 INGB 0000 0195 95 on behalf of Stichting behoud stoomschip Rotterdam, Brielle

SWIFT-code: INGBNL2A, ING Bank, Postbus 1800, Amsterdam

The foundation has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, registration number 34155933.