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Since 2001 we have been striving for a new life for the ss Rotterdam in the Rotterdam harbour.

The Rotterdam came into service for Holland-America Line as their flagship in 1959. Built by the Rotterdam Drydock Company, she is the largest passenger liner ever built in the Netherlands and is numbered among the most successful liners which ever sailed the seven seas. The ship has largely kept her original character and remains in good condition. The new owners gave her a profound refurbishment so she can be in service as a static liner for many years. Please explore out website for more information about the history of the ss Rotterdam.

Steamship Rotterdam Foundation, alias Friends of steamship Rotterdam, continues her activities including securing a lasting preservation and use in a culturally and historically responsible manner. We are not the owners or operators of the ship.

Since February 15 2010 the ss Rotterdam is open for the public. WestCord Hotels are the owners since June 2013. Please see the website of the operators www.ssrotterdam.nl for information about possibilities on board.

Picture by Jan-Willem Koene

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Baldachin in Tropic Bar completed

Baldachin in Tropic Bar completed

picture Jan-Willem Koene This week our volunteers completed the reconstruction of the baldachin above the bar in the Tropic Bar. The original baldachin was scrapped during the refurbishment in 2007. Although the original drawings of architect Carel Wirtz were...

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