Our volunteers have restored the magnetic compass on the wheelhouse top. It needed maintenance since a long time. The compass was dismounted, cleaned and varnished back to the original state. We are very proud that the compass stands in all its glory on the wheelhouse top again.

The compass after restoration. Picture Henk Salij

The compass in 1994. The brassware has partly been painted white to avoid polishing. Picture Klaas Krijnen

The compass in 2007. Picture Klaas Krijnen

The console of the compass has been varnished. Picture Jan-Willem Koene

The two bulbs that reduce the ships magnetic field have been painted in the original colours red and green. Picture Jan-Willem Koene

Volunteers Ton Lenselink and Jan Tjassens Keiser prepare the console for hoisting it to the wheelhouse top. Picture Henk Salij

The console is back on the wheelhouse top. Picture Henk Salij

Jan Tjassens Keiser at work. Picture Henk Salij

The top of the compass. Picture Jan Tjassens Keiser