Examining art, interior and pictures

During the past two weeks students of the University of Amsterdam examined art, interior and pictures on the ss Rotterdam. As a part of the master Conservation and restoration of Cultural heritage the university organized together with the Cultural heritage Agency a six-day workshop on board. The international group of students made reviews and rendered ‘first aid’ when necessary. In their reports they give advise for further measures to be taken.

The Christmas star is back again

Our volunteers have restored the traditional Christmas star. Like in the old days the star is shining between the smoke stacks.

Picture Klaas Krijnen

The restored star has been mounted. Picture Koos Sanderse

Our volunteer Ton Lenselink and his collegues have spent many hours to restore the frame and light fixtures of the star. Picture Koos Sanderse

ss Rotterdam A world class heritage

On November 26 Nico Guns presented to Jennifer Westers the first copy of the book ‘ss Rotterdam A world class heritage’. This book is a translated and extended version of a previous Dutch edition. It is for sale in the Lynbaanshop on board and in bookshops (Gbooksinternational ISBN 9 789492 368454).

From the left to the right Harry and Jennifer Westers of WestCord Hotels and Nico and Arnout Guns (pictures by Jan-Willem Koene)

Ocean Wine Bar

During November the Ocean Bar has been transformed into the Ocean Wine Bar. We took part in de process by giving advise about furniture and restoring the cupboards behind the bar. Some of the doors of the cupboards were missing and the decoration had been damaged through the years. Our volunteers managed it to replace the doors and to recreate the decoration. PrinterPro of Rotterdam printed the decoration on foil and fixed it to the doors of the restored cupboards. Our volunteer Jan Fahner managed the whole process. The decoration was originally designed in 1959 by Mrs. Mutters-Roth and was made of Perstorp.

Pictures were made by Klaas Krijnen

The end of the maiden voyage

On September 11 1959 the ss Rotterdam finished her maiden voyage from Rotterdam to New York. Princess Beatrix used the maiden voyage to attend the Hudson festivities. 350 years ago Henry Hudson sailed on the river that afterwards was named after him. At 8 AM Princess Beatrix had been transfered to HMS Gelderland, that brought her ashore in Manhattan for the reception by the City of New York. At 10 AM the ss Rotterdam moored at the pier in Hoboken (New Jersey) to disembark the passengers. During the day the ss Rotterdam was brought to Pier 40 (under construction) in Manhattan to be shown to the press and travel agencies. On September 14 Prinses Beatrix attended a gala-diner on board the ss Rotterdam on behalf of the Hudson-committee. Shortly afterwards she flew back to Holand bij KLM. On September 18 the ss Rotterdam was brought back to Hoboken. Passengers boarded the ship for the return voyage to Rotterdam that started on September 22. On September 30 the ss Rotterdam returned in her homeport.

Picture taken from the maritime magazine De Blauwe Wimpel, October 1959

The ss Rotterdam at Pier 40 (under construction) in September 1959. Pictures taken by Harry Scheffer


Delft blue plate and tile to commemorate the maiden voyage of the ss Rotterdam

Publisher Gbooksinternational produces a Delft blue plate (8 inches) and tile (6 by 6 inches) to commemorate the maiden voyage of the ss Rotterdam 60 years ago. Stephen Card designed both. The plate costs €60,- and the tile costs €30,-. Please contact info@gbooksinternational.nl  for ordering.

Friends of steamship Rotterdam enjoy a reduction of 10%. Please contact info@stoomschiprotterdam.nl