First world cruise ss Rotterdam

60 years ago the ss Rotterdam made her first world cruise. She departed from New York for a 77-day cruise. A tradition started when in the years before the ss Statendam of 1957 made world cruises. Till 1997 the ss Rotterdam made 29 world cruises in eastern and western direction.

Collection Friends of steamship Rotterdam

Collection Jan-Willem Koene


The traditional Christmas Star is back !

Today our volunteers remounted the traditional Christmas Star between the smokestacks. The ss Rotterdam is ready for Christmas!

pictures by Koos Sanderse

Picture by Maarten Krijnen

pictures by Jan Egberts

Start pilot-restoration of the mural Aegean Sea

Restorator Willianne van der Sar of Color & Conservation has started the pilot-restoration of the mural Aegean Sea in the Grand Ballroom on the ss Rotterdam. The pilot is a continuation of an extended survey of the mural that was executed last summer. The pilot must make clear the best way to restorate the complete mural of Cuno van den Steene. Our foundation was able to order the pilot-restoration thanks to donations to our Restoration Fund: NL28 INGB 0000 019 595 – BIC INGBNL2A of Stichting behoud stoomschip Rotterdam. Please state ‘Restoration Fund’.

The ss Rotterdam during lock down

Due to the corona-measures the access to the ss Rotterdam is restricted. Only hotel guests are welcome. Coffee-to-go and snacks are available on the quay. In a drive thru take-away-service for meals is available on the quay. For more information check website ss Rotterdam


Volunteers at work on the ss Rotterdam

Our volunteers have made themselves useful again. The Christmas star that traditionally decorates the smokestacks has been repared, als well as one of the handles of the starboard telegraph on the bridge that has been demolished by a visitor. In our museum on Bridge deck a box has been installed with music of the sixties.