Baldachin in Tropic Bar completed

picture Jan-Willem Koene

This week our volunteers completed the reconstruction of the baldachin above the bar in the Tropic Bar. The original baldachin was scrapped during the refurbishment in 2007. Although the original drawings of architect Carel Wirtz were available, it was not easy to rebuild the baldachin, due to a sloping wall and sloping corners. But the volunteers succeeded in the reconstruction. They had a drink with the management of the ship.

60 years ago

On December 14, 1956  the keel was laid at the Rotterdam Drydock Company for the biggest ocean liner that ever has been built in The Netherlands. Her name was number 300 until Queen Juliana christened her on September 13, 1958 when the ship was launched.

Rebirth baldachin

This week our volunteers replaced parts of the baldachin in the Tropic Bar. This replica of the original is nearing completion. The original baldachin was scrapped in 2006/07 during the renovation of the ship.  Picture Koos Sanderse