When the ss Rotterdam left the Holland America Line fleet in 1997 some engineers took builders’ plates from the engine room as a souvenir. We are glad they did it, because who knows what had happened to the plates during the stay at the Bahama’s and during renovation. Fortunately many plates have been handed over to our foundation, some of them on loan. Thanks to Ronald Stolk and Martin Smit. We made replica’s to replace them in the engine room. The funds were raised by Jaap Danhof and Leo Knape.

The generator room in 1993 with the original builders’ plate of the Rotterdam Drydock Company         picture Klaas Krijnen

Our board member Koos Sanderse with the replica      picture Klaas Krijnen

The replica has been mounted on the original spot. Mind the (new) clock which shows about the same time as in 1993   pictures Klaas Krijnen

The replica of the builders’ plate of boiler 4, delivered by De Schelde    picture Klaas Krijnen